a totally modular way to build out your vehicle for your needs

Your Van

Individually planned and built

We believe your van is much more than just a vehicle for your travels and where you sleep. It is a statement of your individuality, reflecting the quality and familiarity of a way of life, and is part of your personal freedom. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to plan and build your van completely individually, according to your visions.

Bild: Van Inside

4 Drawer Cabinet

Bild: Van Inside

2 Drawer Cabinet

Bild: Van Inside


for 2 Drawer Cabinet

Bild: Van Inside


Bild: Van Inside

High Storage Cabinet

Bild: Van Inside

Lounge Box

Bild: Van Inside


Bild: Van Inside


Bild: Van Inside

Upper Wall Cabinet

Totally Modular

With a keen focus on essentials and unwavering attention to your individual desires, we offer exquisite woodwork, smart technology, and multiple of configuration options, thereby creating the most personalized Vans and motorhomes in the North American market.

Clipwall in Van

Glimpse into the Future

Should your requirements, ideas, or life circumstances change – even after several years of use – you remain truly free to adapt the layout and furnishings to your new needs. This is all thanks to the unique CargoClip and ClipWall systems. With CargoClips you can completely define your customization freely.


Why Wood?

We believe that wood has its own character, is sustainable and adds value to your vehicle, that is why we avoid the use of plastics where we can. Each type of wood offers a unique visual and tactile experience. Wood creates an excellent indoor climate and a cozy, homely feeling – it's best if you experience it for yourself!

CargoClips team member working on a piece of wood


There is a lot of skilled manual labor in each of our customization kits. Each module or ClipWall panel is treated with several coats of organic hard oil, providing an incredible special finish.

Woods from above


We love working with wood, and natural products, to achieve the highest standard of quality. We strive to find highest quality materials in a sustainable way for your personalized van customization.


Our headquarters in Salzburg, Austria

See it for yourself

You can either visit us at the following fairs and events:

Adventure Van Expo - Big Bear, California

October 14 - 15

Or visit us in our shop and showroom. We would love to talk to you about your ideas for your van conversion.

CargoClips Van in Iceland

About Us

Providing exceptional quality, innovation, customer service, and knowledge is what we strive for, we believe that is the CargoClips way. Our passion stems from our love for the outdoors and enthusiasm for our own van conversions. At CargoClips quality and care are lived out with no compromises.

Only with a unique van – YOUR VAN – are you truly free!

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