Multiclips & Clips

MultiClip, FlatClip and CargoClip

Our MultiClips are available with the attachment you need! Whether it’s a hook, eye-let, magnetic bracket or snap-fastener.

You can mount anything to the ClipWall using the MultiClip – without any tools.

The FlatClip (mounted with tool) only protrudes 1 mm from the ClipWall.

Our clips are all TÜV-certified.

The clips provide both flexibility and sturdiness when used in combination with our ClipWall. The possibilities are almost endless.

CC Clip in ClipWallCC MultiClip being screwed into ClipWallCC FlatClip being screwed into ClipWallCC MultiClips with hooks



Quick installation


Can be positioned freely


Most clips can be installed without tools


GabelClip, grey
GabelClip, orange
MultiClip with hook, grey
MultiClip with hook, orange
MultiClip with snap-fastener, grey
MultiClip with snap-fastener, orange
MultiClip with magnet, grey
MultiClip with magnet, orange
MultiClip with eye-let, grey
MultiClip with eye-let, orange
MultiClip, grey
MultiClip, orange
Flat Clip
Flat Clip with hook
Flat Clip fastening
Flat Clip with tool
Castello Camper


The TÜV-certified, ClipWall can hold whatever you want to install.

In your vehicle, trailer or even a wall.

The ClipWall by CargoClips is made from high-quality wood (birch) and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Discover our Clipwall