The ClipWall by CargoClips is made from high-quality wood (birch) and can be used for a wide range of applications.

TÜV-certified - the ClipWall can hold whatever you want to install. Each hole is rated for 300 lb.

ClipWallCC MultiClip being screwed into ClipWallCargoClips ClipWall in Production
CargoClips ClipWall
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Combined with CargoClips, the ClipWall can hold up to 300 lb depending on the base material of the wooden panels.

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Good for the environment

Our ClipWall is nothing more than wood and holes, meaning we can proudly call it a 'sustainable' product.

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Attach whatever you like

Whether it's our leisure or business modules or your own constructions, there isn't anything you can't attach with CargoClips.

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Holds up to 300 lb

Thanks to its seven-layer bonding, the CargoClips ClipWall can hold a whopping 300 lb per hole. That's the same as 20 cases of beer.

CargoClips ClipWall


CargoClips for every application, tailored to the ClipWall.

Our MultiClips are available with a magnetic top, screw hooks or push buttons.

We offer even stronger clips to fix everything you want to take with you in place.

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